99% High Content Bacillus Pumilus Powder Cas No 68038-70-0

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Place of Origin: Shaanxi, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: XABC
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: XABC3126
Minimum Order Quantity: 1kg
Price: $15/kg-$60/kg
Packaging Details: 25kg carton drum (32cm*58cm)or 1kg foil bag (10cm*15cm) or by request of clients
Delivery Time: 1-3 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 4500kg per Month
Appearance: Yellow Brown Powder Grade: Agricultural Grade
Sample: Avaliable Purity: 99%
Storage: Cool And Dry Shelf Life: 2 YEARS
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High Content Bacillus Pumilus Powder


99% Bacillus Pumilus Powder


68038-70-0 Bacillus Pumilus Powder

Factory Directly Supply High Content Bacillus Pumilus Powder Cas No 68038-70-0


Most Favourable Price Bacillus Pumilus Powder

Bacillus pumilus belongs to the kingdom of bacteria, Rhizobacteria, Bacillus, Bacillus, Bacillus, and Bacillus. The bacteria are rod-shaped, round ends, single or arranged in short chains, the size of the bacteria is 1.2-1.5um×2.0-4.0um, mobile, gram-positive, spores elliptical, medium or subterminal, size 1.0 -1.2um×1.5-2.0um. It can hydrolyze starch, degrade mannan, xylan, cellulose, etc. Bacillus pumilus is one of the important PGPR flora in the soil and plant rhizosphere. It can produce peptides, proteins, pyrazines and phenols and other substances, and has the dual effects of prevention and growth promotion. Bacillus pumilus is also a common microorganism in some humic acid raw materials. Not only can it induce resistance in plants, but it can also colonize plant root tips and form biofilms to promote the absorption of nutrients by plants. Bacillus pumilus can survive in the rhizosphere soil of rice seedlings for more than 15 days.



Most Favourable Price Bacillus Pumilus Powder

1. Enhancing soil nutrients: Short and small can significantly increase the degradation rate of plant straws, and can increase the content of soil available nitrogen, available phosphorus and other elements.

2. Promote plant growth: Bacillus pumilus has a significant role in promoting the growth of Arabidopsis, tobacco, soybeans and peppers. It is manifested in promoting seed germination, promoting the growth of roots, buds and seedlings.

3. Enhance plant resistance, reduce the incidence of plant , and increase production by 10-30%. Bacillus pumilus can induce tobacco, cucumber and other plants to produce resistance to leaf s such as systemic and leaf spot.

4. Reduce the content of heavy metals in plants. Bacillus pumilus can adsorb cadmium in the soil, thereby reducing the absorption of cadmium by rice roots and reducing the cadmium concentration of rice seeds by 10%.

5. Short deodorizing effect is obvious.

6. Short and small can be used as a strain for improving saline soil. Inoculation of Bacillus pumilus under salt stress can promote the growth of licorice and alleviate the damage to licorice caused by salt stress. It can improve the antioxidant enzyme activity of soybeans, wheat, tomatoes, corn and other crops, enhance the ability of crops to remove active oxygen, enhance the salt resistance of crops, and promote the growth and development of plants.




Most Favourable Price Bacillus Pumilus Powder

1. Fertilizer production: add in accordance with the registration certificate standards of biological organic fertilizer, compound microbial fertilizer, and microbial inoculants. According to economic affordability, it can be used repeatedly and doubled for better effect.

2. The method of use as a microbial agent: Bacillus pumilus, as an endophyte of plants, can be used in various ways such as seed dressing, root dipping, root irrigation, base fertilizer mixing, foliar spraying, drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation. Take the bacterial count content of 20 billion/g as an example, the dosage should be 200-1000g/mu, and it should be applied regularly.


1. It cannot be used with antibiotics and fungicides at the same time.
2. Use it as soon as possible after unsealing. Tighten the mouth of the bag after use and pay attention to moisture.
3. 25kg/bag; store in a cool and dry place, the shelf life is 18 months.

Most Favourable Price Bacillus Pumilus Powder


Stable product quality


The bacteria content is stable, the sporulation rate is neat, the strain activity is high, the stress resistance is high, the enzyme production activity is high, and the strict strain selection quality can be identified.

Reliable strain source


Cooperate with Jiangnan University, Jiangsu University, Nanjing Agricultural University, Shanghai Ocean University and other universities to research and develop strains and produce them independently. Various parameter standards have reached national standards.

Higher precision production process


The production process uses liquefaction fermentation and centrifugal spraying, with high production capacity, high content of bacterial original powder collection, no bacteria, more clean products and controllable quality.

More rational production process


From strain selection-finished product packaging is strictly controlled at each production link. From hardware to software, production testing products according to standard processes have passed ISO / third-party testing certification.


Most Favourable Price Bacillus Pumilus Powder


Most Favourable Price Bacillus Pumilus PowderMost Favourable Price Bacillus Pumilus Powder

Most Favourable Price Bacillus Pumilus Powder

Most Favourable Price Bacillus Pumilus Powder

Most Favourable Price Bacillus Pumilus Powder

Most Favourable Price Bacillus Pumilus Powder

Most Favourable Price Bacillus Pumilus Powder

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