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How to identify the ripening watermelon injections watermelo

June 21, 2021

Watermelon is the summer season season fruit, and some black hearted traders use forbidden food additives, cyclamate and carmine to sweeten the watermelon that has not reached maturity. In the face of "injection watermelon", how to identify, avoid buying "watermelon"?".

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Method for identifying injection of watermelon:
1, rind on green and yellow striped uniform, cut after Guarang particularly bright, but the seeds are white, eat not sweet.
2, application of the swelling agent watermelons, can reach 6 to 10 kg. The average weight is about 4 kilograms. Watermelon is normal.
3, after application of hormone watermelon, due to spraying of pesticides and absorption is not uniform, easy to appear extremely crooked melon fruit, such as two middle sag, asymmetry, and enlargement, surface stain or color, the crooked melon fruit abnormal not to buy. The shape of a normal watermelon should be spherical or oval and smooth and smooth.
, 4 people to eat watermelon, if found in bad taste, especially the tongue with a sense, should immediately stop eating, not luck.
Watermelon quality not only depends on the variety, more important is the maturity. The selection of quality of watermelon mainly through touch, see, OK, sound identification.
: Flower skin to melons, texture clear, deep and clear; black melon, skin color to black, shiny. No matter what kind of melon, melon, melon pedicle umbilical area to give the rattan handle down near the rind, pedicel stout green, is a sign of maturity.
Touch: touch the rind with the thumb, feel smooth and hard for a good melon melon, melon melon for sticky or weak.
: listen to the watermelon in the hands of care, gently pat, a "boom, boom" crisp sound, togua hand trembling feeling, is ripe melon; a sudden burst, "sound, is a reflection of a relatively high degree of maturity; a" puff, puff "sound, is cooked melon; the issue of" click, click "is the voice of the sub.
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