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Elderly health food market chaos: shoddy, brainwashing marke

May 28, 2021

This year's "3.15", Chen Li was too sad. She had sixty years old father Chen Zhenglin, for health food to spend tens of thousands of dollars savings, and ultimately hate the sea to commit suicide.
"Since last year, they lie to me to buy a 6 million yuan of health care products, said to my wife and I can be Yuntaishan, Xi'an tourism, so far a place did not go ... ... also let me without the family and they signed an agreement, Finally, the agreement and tens of thousands of dollars to take away.I do not go fooled ... ... your crown member Chen Zhenglin.
Holding his father's suicide note and a few health food purchase receipt, Chen Li and her husband to the police station, the Public Security Bureau for help. "Health products company and he (Chen Zhenglin) signed an agreement, not let him tell the family, and later agreements and invoices were taken away, the complaint is also a lack of strong evidence." Chen told the China Youth Daily Youth Online Reporters, after the incident, health care products company that want to negotiate with their families to resolve.

National Bureau of Statistics data show that from 2009 to 2015, China's health care products market has expanded year by year, of which the elderly have become the field of health food the most important consumer groups. For a long time, many health care products vendors to seize the psychological characteristics of the elderly, shoddy, free increase, and through a variety of ways to start brainwashing marketing, so that there are old victims in the deep, the market chaos much criticism.




By the name of tourism, line marketing of the real
See Chen Zhenglin's suicide note, Chen Li and her husband deeply regret, they had thought that "these people (health food sales staff) all day to the park wandering, caught the elderly chatter homemade, but also often send eggs, fruit, Filial piety, not like cheating money. "
And Chen Zhenglin compared to Zhejiang Jiaxing Guan Yingdong seems "lucky" some. A few months ago, the long-term purchase of health food for the elderly, embarked on a health care company organized the journey of the Thousand Island Lake, but on the way burst of cerebral hemorrhage died. China Youth Daily reporter learned that the health care products company where the commercial buildings are also stationed at no less than 10 kinds of health care products company, every day to organize the elderly in an endless stream to "meeting", "health building" The name. (Related reports see "China Youth Daily" on January 11, 2017 09 version of "Health Building" beings ")
One of the old people to leave, and did not stop the other indulge in the "lectures to take gifts" of the elderly to the pace of health care companies. From the leaflets, call, to open health lectures, lectures gifts, buy products to send travel ... ... in this "brainwashing" type of health food marketing ecology, the lack of ability to distinguish, greedy small and suffering from chronic diseases, the elderly often become the main Marketing object.
In Chen Li received a health care company internal staff of the worksheet, the old people's name, mobile phone, receive gifts and other information at a glance, the following note: "Please too few people (that is, the salesman to participate in health care products to sell The old man will be too little - journalists note), to determine in advance to call, the more the better the guarantor. The schedule is filled with "warm-up" and "day trip" and "two-day tour" and other arrangements.
"We asked the elderly before they will investigate what diseases they are more, when marketing, to enlarge the terrible disease of the elderly, what disease is common to say what treatment." Last year in the old Chinese network in the promotion of health food Yan rain to the Chinese youth Reported that the two online sales of their two major marketing "routines": "one is in accordance with the company to provide a large list of the list, to the elderly call invitation, free gifts, and let it fill in personal information table. Is a leaflet, publicity to the surrounding travel, in fact, they cheated together to sell things.
Yan Xiaoyu said, in the "guest" (industry jargon, that is, first with the elderly closer to the emotion, and then further access to personal information set to take a history, took the opportunity to invite them to participate in the marketing - journalists) stage, the sales staff often first through the chat Asked the elderly physical condition, there is no health awareness, retirement units, etc., meet the conditions will allow them to register, and "tourism is the main event", so that both "access to the information of the elderly", but also "the development of new customers." According to their experience, after feeling pave the way, "there are pensions, bought health food the best old man to start, especially the couple to go."
Health care products company through marketing "routine", step by step weaken the elderly groups of various types of health products, the ability to distinguish. Just as CCTV "3.15" party exposure, Wuhan Lok Biling Biotechnology Company, Hubei Guozhi Albert Biotechnology Company and other five health food sales company, are "accurate" to seize the weakness of the elderly, with the most The general "marketing" approach (through a variety of ways to obtain consumer information, analysis and consolidation after the establishment of the database, and then use the form of organizational meetings, screening of target consumers targeted marketing - reporter Note) food. Weihai A Weier biotechnology companies even use large data statistics, found that the use of "batches of eggs" approach, the most easy to "coax" the elderly to participate in the marketing will be.
China Health Association lawyers lawyers Gao Bingbing said that health talks scam related to violations of the elderly consumers the right to know, property rights, and even worse, serious violations of the lives of consumers health rights.
"Zheng Jianlong, director of Qingdao Zhengyong Long Nutrition Center, told reporters that the current form of health food sales in the form of health food sales in the form of health food sales, Diversity, the elderly are easy to be used, so children should be more concerned about their parents' old life, breaking the exchange gap.
Health food does not have therapeutic function
Increase bone density pills, purple Fu FDP oral solution ... ... Chen Li now only noted that the body has always been healthy father spent retired savings from the health food salesman to buy these unknown products.
"I have long ago told them that health food is not Kaopu, but my dad or often go to a meeting, take the product, mainly because my mother has high blood pressure." She told the China Youth Daily reporter said online, "we all want , Anyway, eating health food is no good and no harm, and later did not ask.
Will be mixed with health food products, is a lot of elderly people to buy health food one of the main errors. In accordance with the provisions of the State Food and Drug Administration approved the approval of listed health food, should have like a "small blue cap" of the "national health word" unified logo, and health food has a unique relationship between the approval number, As a sign of consumer identification of regular health food. However, the China Youth Daily reporter in the investigation found that there are still a lot of health food manufacturers in the brand and the effectiveness of the relevant laws and regulations to play the "edge of the ball" around the "national food word" logo to make a fuss. Part of the "small blue cap" foundry production enterprises in order to reduce costs, to seize the market, the production of health food products approved approval to third-party distributors, making the same health food approval number and even a number of brand products, On and under the health food market quite a mixed bag.
In 2013, the State Food and Drug Administration has published "on the further regulation of health food supervision and management of crack down on illegal matters related to the notice (draft)", which provides that Article 4 shall not produce, operate and import OEM health food The July 2016, the State Food and Drug Administration, "health food registration and filing management approach" (hereinafter referred to as "measures") formally implemented, of which Article 60 pointed out that "the same enterprise may not use the same formula to register or record different names of health Food ", a batch can only correspond to a health food, from the source to prevent" OEM "phenomenon.
In addition, the "approach" that the label of health food, the main contents of the manual shall not be implied or suggest that disease prevention, treatment and other functions of misleading consumers, health food name must not contain human body organs and other words. And some health food companies to sell the Cordyceps sinensis nutrient solution, increase bone density pills, etc., still marked in the packaging "inhibit tumor" and "increase bone density" and other effects, blurred the boundaries of health food and medicine. The market a lot of health food formulations and ingredients there are illegal use of the situation.
Guangzhou Huangpu District, a low level of health care is also one of the victims of health food. According to CCTV news reports, due to listen to health food company's publicity, suffering from high blood pressure she bought Ming Wo fire licensing Ganoderma lucidum amino acid oral liquid and other health food, after taking no effect, but spent 16,000 yuan savings.
As the elderly chronic disease treatment means more long cycle, ineffective, many elderly people go to the hospital to see the trouble, but believe in the effectiveness of health food publicity.
Whether the health care food treatment has a scientific basis? Food safety law requires health food must be marked on the packaging "This product can not replace the drug" to distinguish the drug from the test proved efficacy.
But many elderly people do not understand this. Shanghai Jiaotong University Affiliated People's Hospital of the Sixth People's Hospital pharmacy officer Yao Yaohua in an interview with the media recalled that he had encountered high blood pressure patients eat only health food does not take medicine, the results of the patient's blood pressure can not control, very dangerous, if not Under the guidance of health food under the guidance of the harm is not small.
The same health food prices vary widely
So Chen Li also feel puzzled, as well as the price of health food. Such as her father spent nearly ten thousand yuan to buy the "Shaolin card to increase bone density pills", product packaging marked "national unified retail price of 1990 yuan, not online sales", but there are businesses on the Internet to one-tenth of the price of sales. According to reports, located in Guangzhou, Guangdong Daoshan Food Co., Ltd. long-term "green food supermarket" to the elderly to sell high-priced propolis and other health food, a set of less than 200 yuan propolis, the highest price of up to 20,000 yuan, the price Turned 100 times ...
The gap between health food prices, in the wholesale market is very common.
"This bottle of Victoria D calcium soft capsules, the wholesale price to you 15 yuan in the market to sell 68 yuan, the elderly to eat generally 4 months to be effective." Fengtai District in Beijing sunshine health food mall wholesale market, gathered More than a dozen medical equipment, health food wholesale shop, the store filled with various sizes of brand medical equipment, health food and supplements, many capsule products single bottle wholesale price in 20 yuan from top to bottom. Here some of the owner claiming to be a health food manufacturer's distribution agents, pharmacies also from here to purchase.
Yan Xiaoyu said that their company to promote health food products are generally not heard of the brand, often more than ten times the price increase. In the national enterprise credit information publicity system, the majority of health care products manufacturers do not have illegal business records, but there have been punished for false propaganda situation.
China Youth Daily reporter in the interview found that buyers often choose the local reputation of the pharmacy to buy health food, "small pharmacy source is unclear, the quality of brand pharmacies should be guaranteed." Even so, the same kind of health food, in the market, pharmacies, hospitals are also different prices.
What are the reasons for this price difference? From production, circulation to sales, which factors affect the final pricing? Health food industry practitioners before Cheng Yuhang said: "health food premium is not all manufacturers to obtain. , The channel, the terminal and so on from the huge profits. "Former oncology physician, now working in an Internet medical company medical consultant Li Tianle also revealed that" relative to other industries, health care products circulation accounted for the proportion of the final pricing is often more than half, All aspects of the channel costs and pharmacy purchase price is not the same.
Executive director of the Chinese Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine, has been in Beijing Jishuitan Hospital Pharmacy Division as the director of the pharmacists of Chinese medicine experts Zhai Shengli on the China Youth Daily · Youth Online reporter admitted that health food production threshold is lower than the drug, the circulation of the profits generated by the market regulation Of the inevitable results, but there is no lack of "profits increase". Wu Qiong, who is engaged in the sale of medical products, further explained that "the seller's market in the health care products industry is highly competitive, the manufacturers need to promote the cost of the above," various tax and profit points and other price factors flexible and difficult to get unified control.
12358 price monitoring platform staff said that the current national health food pricing liberalization, regulated by the market, "who sell who pricing, there is no the highest price nor the lowest price. Merchants have pricing power, consumers have the option.
Beijing Food and Drug Administration has issued a prompt, consumers buy health food in addition to check the signs and approval documents, but also carefully look at the packaging on the factory name, site, telephone, production date, expiration date, and proper Keep your purchase invoice and related documents.
Experts advise regulators to increase the health food industry sampling and punishment efforts
Chen Zhenglin nearly two weeks after the death of the local police station in the mediation, Chen Li and her husband finally to the Health and Health Industry Co., Ltd. to resolve the compensation matters. China Youth Daily reporter from the Shandong Provincial Food and Drug Administration was informed that the local Trade and Industry Bureau, the Public Security Bureau and other functional departments and regulatory authorities have been involved and investigate, but there is no evidence that the incident belongs to health food quality and safety issues The
And Zhejiang Jiaxing elderly Guan Yingdong after the death of their families only received health care products company 1 million medical expenses. Identified by the insurance company, because the elderly died of cerebral hemorrhage, not an accident insurance category, can not get insurance company claims.
In recent years, the elderly in China due to health care products marketing victims, evidence as a barrier to consumer rights. One side is difficult to defend, the other side, the past two years, consumer complaints about health food is still growing exponentially.
According to the statistics released by the China Consumer Association at the beginning of the year, the number of complaints about "health food" and "health care products" was received in 1816, compared with 8749 cases, an increase of 188% over 2015, which complained about "quality" and "false Publicity "the most, for the" quality "and" price "of the complaints than the growth in 2015 the most obvious.
The new food safety law, which was formally introduced in October 2015, imposed more stringent requirements on the registration, filing, operation and supervision of health food products. According to the State Food and Drug Administration issued earlier this year, sampling data from 2014 to 2016, including health food and food additives, including 9 categories of food sampling pass rate increased year by year, of which 2016 health food sampling pass rate of 98.1% The However, the community still continue to have illegal traders through the gray channel production, sales of health food, disrupt the market.
How can we further control the health food market, out of the regulatory dilemma? Relevant departments and experts from the popularization of knowledge, corporate self-discipline, departmental supervision, improve the diagnosis and treatment environment, etc. are given recommendations.
"Health food can not be eaten, each person's physical condition is different, even with the same symptoms, the specific treatment varies from person to person, sick to go to a regular hospital for treatment." Chinese medicine experts Zhai Shengli introduced in our health theory " Food and medicine homologous "argument, many countries will be health food positioning as dietary supplements, which is easy for consumers to health food and health care products in the confused drugs, some biotechnology companies to false propaganda, misleading public consumption , Corrupt health food industry image. Therefore, "in the elderly activities of the popularization of health food and scientific health knowledge, it is necessary."
From the perspective of health food industry, Zhai Shengli said, "the source of the prescription, product composition and manufacturing process is the key to determine the merits of the product," should strictly control the production of products from the source, in the formula, processing and other aspects of strict checks.
Nutritionist Zheng Yulong stressed the importance of strengthening the industry self-discipline, the National Nutrition and Health Food Association and other industry management agencies should start internal supervision. Zheng Yulong also suggested: "Food and Drug Administration, the business sector should be from the label, publicity, sales and other aspects of sampling, the illegal operators to be exposed, the establishment of 'blacklist', increase penalties, so that bad businessmen do not dare to fake. "
"'Will sell' 'buy products to send travel' and other sales in the false exaggerated propaganda, not in the permitted address sales and other illegal acts is the focus of food and drug regulatory authorities." Beijing Food and Drug Administration health food cosmetics registration and Supervision staff on the China Youth Daily reporter said in the online, in the supervision of the work will encounter "will sell" places hidden, the venue transfer fast, "a shot for a place" situation, food and medicine supervision at all levels Departments adhere to the media, community classes and other forms of health food to promote the definition and consumption warning, which also requires the community to work together.
In the development of the State Council Development Research Center, the original director of the Institute of Market Economy, the Consumer Association expert committee expert Ren Xingzhou view, focus on investigation and combat is necessary, but the focus of consumer protection work should focus more on the construction of long-term mechanism, such as strengthening legislation, Improve the integrity of the regulatory authorities file mechanism, through multi-party cooperation, social defense cooperation co-governance.
Recently, the China Youth Daily, China Youth Online reporter learned from the State Food and Drug Administration, for food products, production and management, promotional information and other fraud to develop the "food safety fraud investigation approach", has been consulted to the community, the upcoming release. In accordance with this provision, in the future, to the network, telephone, television, radio, lectures, meetings and so on